Note: For getting audio, video and microphone to work, you should only have to go through any troubleshooting once, and then your browser will remember the settings for Pheedloop and have no trouble again.

Audio and Microphone:

In Pheedloop, once the session has begun, click on the session and the embedded meeting (or webinar) should show.  Click the "Join Audio by Computer" button in the middle of the screen or "Join Audio" in the bottom left to allow computer audio to be heard.  Make sure your computer speakers are turned on.  

If you get a message from the browser like this (Chrome or Firefox), click allow to let the browser have access to the microphone.  You should only have to allow this the first time.  (This allows any meetings on pheedloop to access the mic when you are in a sharing meeting or fellowshipping room.  Even if you are only on a webinar, you should enable this the first time prompted.)



If you already see an icon on the bottom left with an exclamation point on the mic, refresh your browser page ("CTRL + R") and try the process again.

If you are still getting the error, click the lock or other icon to the left of the browser URL and "Allow" the microphone or audio for use in the sessions.  You may need to refresh your browser page ("CTRL + R") to have the settings take effect.  (This is different for different browsers)




If you are still unable to hear audio, click the small arrow to the right of the microphone button and try changing the Speaker to "Same as System or a different device.  


First, make sure your laptop camera is unobscured.

Click the "Start Video" icon in the bottom left of the session.  

Again, if the browser asks you to allow the camera, click Allow.  

If it is still not working, click the lock or other icon next to the URL and make sure camera is allows.  Refresh with "CTRL" + "R" after making browser setting changes.




Still Not Working?

Please try a different browser if possible.  Chrome is the preferred browser.

If you are still unable to connect audio, microphone, or video you can use the link just below the session titled "Experiencing Issues?  Click Here for Additional Live Stream Options".  This will open the session directly in Zoom.